Capacitive touch sensor
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Capacitive touch sensor uses its remarkable patented FFT (Film Free Technology) to maintain accuracy and robustness in a variety of harsh environments over the life of the product. Capacitive sensors provide a solution for high-use applications that demand reliable, accurate and sensitive touches performances. Capacitive touch sensor surface with protective hard coat enables scratch-resistance and contaminant-resistance to dirt, dust, liquids and corrosive chemicals. Capacitive sensors have been tested to withstand over than 300 million touches in a single location without noticeable degradation.

 Point of sales Application
  • ATM
  • Industrial Automation
  • Kiosk
  • Gaming / Amusement
  • Vending
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals


MECHANICAL  Available Size 10.4” to 19”
Input Method Finger
Glass Thickness

3mm (for sensor size above 10.4”)

ELECTRICAL  Insulation Resistance 20M O or more @ DC 25V
Chattering Time 10 ms or less

±1.5% error or less for X axis
±1.5% error or less for Y axis

OPTICAL Transmittance

85% to 93% per ASTM D1003
Equipment used: BYK Gardner Haze Gard Plus

Surface Finish Anti-glare or polish

Operating:-20? to 70?

Storage:-40? to 85?
High Temperature and Humidity

Chemical Resistance

70? and 90% RH for 120hours

Resistance to corrosives, in accordance with ASTM-D-1308 and ASTM-D-F-1598
DURABILITY  Surface Hardness

Can not be scratched using any stylus with Mohs' rating of 6 or lessExceeds severe abrasion test per MIL-C-675C

Touch Life More than 300M touches in a single location

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