5wire tab
Six-wire resistive touch sensors, with its patented SCP (Silver Carbon Process) technology, deliver a touch response that is narrow border and noise elimination for easy integration and accuracy. The USB controller with chip-on-cable solution supports 6W. Touch sensor to reduce the initial calibration time. 6W. touch sensor also offers a long touch life to withstand more than 35 million finger touches.

Point of sales Application
.Tablet PCs
.Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals
.Office Automation
.Medical Equipment
.Industrial Automation
.Pharmacy Automation

MECHANICAL  Available Size

6.4” to 19”

(Special request for 5.7" to 10" is available.)

Input Method Finger, gloved hand or touch stylus
Touch Activation Force  Typically less than 125g
Glass Thickness

1.1mm (for sensor size under 5.7”)
1.8mm (for sensor size above 8.4”)

2.8mm (for sensor size above 12.1”)

Tail Chip-on-cable
Option Palm rejection
ELECTRICAL  Insulation Resistance 20M O or more @ DC 25V
Chattering Time 10 ms or less

±1.5% error or less for X axis
±1.5% error or less for Y axis

OPTICAL Transmittance 83%±5%
Surface Finish Anti-glare or polish

Operating: -10? to 60?

Storage: -40? to 75?
High Temperature and Humidity 60? and 90% RH for 120hours
DURABILITY  Surface Hardness

3H or higher per ASTM-D3363
Pen sliding: more than 500K times

Pen hitting: more than 10M times

Touch Life Finger touch: more that 35M time