strengthened capacitive
Infrared Touchscreen
5wire tab

strengthened capacitive touch sensors offer the same level of performance as normal capacitive sensors with added impact resistance. strengthened sensors provide robust layered construction for applications in abused, unattended or industrial environment. The technology is also unaffected by moisture, heat, rain, snow and ice, making it ideal for outdoor applications as well TouchSystems is confident it has built accuracy and reliability into every capacitive product.

.Industrial Automation
.Gaming / Amusement
.Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals


MECHANICAL  Available Size

6.4” to 19”

(Special request for 5.7" to 10" is available.)
Input Method Finger
Glass Thickness

7.5mm norninal (for sensor size above 10.4”)

ELECTRICAL  Insulation Resistance 20M O or more @ DC 25V
Chattering Time 10 ms or less

±1.5% error or less for X axis
±1.5% error or less for Y axis

OPTICAL Transmittance

80% to 90% per ASTM D1003
Equipment used: BYK Gardner Haze Gard Plus

Surface Finish Anti-glare or polish

Operating:-20? to 70?

Storage:-40? to 85?
High Temperature and Humidity

Chemical Resistance

70? and 90% RH for 120hours

Resistance to corrosives, in accordance with ASTM-D-1308-87 (1993) and ASTM-D-F-15989-95
DURABILITY  Surface Hardness

Can not be scratched using any stylus with Mohs' rating of 6 or lessExceeds severe abrasion test per MIL-C-675C

Touch Life More than 300M touches in a single location
Impact Resistance Steel ball impact test: 510g, 50mm diameter ball dropped from height of 1.3 meter (UL-544)

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